Conference: April 9-10, 2024
Workshops: April 8 & 11
DoubleTree Greenway Plaza | Houston, TX



Evaluating the Transformative force of Traditional and Generative AI in the Oil & Gas Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in various industries, including the oil and gas sector. AI applications offer numerous benefits that can revolutionize operations, enhance safety, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. AI-driven data analysis can identify potential drilling sites more accurately and efficiently, predict reservoir behaviors, optimize drilling techniques, and enhance production. Additionally, AI facilitates real-time monitoring of equipment health and performance, minimizes downtime, and reduces human errors by automating routine tasks and decision-making processes. It can also improve safety by replacing or augmenting dangerous tasks like offshore drilling and pipeline inspections with AI-powered robotic systems, thereby reducing human exposure to hazardous environments and minimizing the risk of accidents. Furthermore, AI assists in optimizing energy consumption, reducing waste, and supporting the shift towards cleaner energy sources by improving the efficiency of oil and gas extraction and refining processes. 

However, integrating AI in the oil and gas industry has challenges and concerns. First, AI's effectiveness relies on large volumes of high-quality data, which may be challenging to integrate and maintain consistent data sources in the oil and gas industry's complex data silos. Second, the interconnected nature of AI systems and the reliance on digital infrastructure expose the sector to cyberattacks, which could disrupt operations, compromise sensitive data, and have severe economic and environmental consequences. Third, as AI automates various tasks, there is potential for job displacement among the industry's workforce, creating challenges for retraining and upskilling. Finally, using AI raises ethical questions, such as accountability for AI-driven decisions and unintended consequences, and regulatory frameworks might need help to keep pace with rapidly evolving AI applications.

Nonetheless, the integration of AI in the oil and gas sector is inevitable, driven by the industry's need to remain competitive, sustainable, and efficient. A balanced approach can harness its benefits while mitigating potential risks, and collaboration between industry leaders, AI developers, regulators, and researchers is essential to establish best practices, ethical guidelines, and effective regulatory frameworks. 

Key Conversation Topics:

  • Human-Machine Collaboration: The Future AI adoption in the Oil & Gas Industry
  • Building the Foundation: Data Quality and Governance in AI-Driven Environments
  • AI's Role in Meeting Emission Targets in Oil & Gas Production
  • Balancing Security and Innovation: Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges AI Integration Brings to the Oil and Gas Sector
  • Exploring the potential of AI across upstream, midstream, and downstream
  • Untapped Gen AI potential across business functions

What’s New in 2024:

  • Diverse Speaker Line-up: Contribution from Ten Oil and Gas Operators
  • Varied session formats: A mix of fireside chats, dialogues, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, and lightning rounds 
  • Timely Themes: The agenda touches on Data, cross-sector insights, and generative and traditional Al across the value chain to allow attendees to align their interests and expertise
  • Six Interactive roundtable discussions to encourage meaningful conversations
  • Case Studies showcasing real-world success stories to provide takeaways that attendees can apply to their work
  • Two keynotes, including Google Minds, highlighting cross-sector use of generative AI


Srimoyee Bhattacharya
Srimoyee Bhattacharya
Data Science Team Lead
Shell Oil Company
Praneet Dutta
Praneet Dutta
Senior Research Engineer
Google DeepMind
Ahmed El Adl
Ahmed El Adl
Founder & CEO
Lucas Green
Lucas Green
Director, Technical Excellence
Contango Resources
Octavio Herrera
Octavio Herrera
Evgenia Polyakova
Evgenia Polyakova
Digital Science Lead
Brent Railey
Brent Railey
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
Raoushan Ummulwara
Raoushan Ummulwara
Data and Analytics Manager
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company



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What to Expect in 2024:

Experience a comprehensive two-day conference featuring insightful panel discussions, inspiring keynote speeches, valuable networking opportunities, and an engaging hands-on workshop. Delve into the cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and how they transform operations throughout the Oil & Gas value chain through real-world case studies and the latest industry trends.

This conference is for:

  • Professionals in the field of data science and analytics who are seeking to achieve project goals using new or existing technology or services
  • Attendees who want the opportunity to connect with other data experts, meet with decision-makers and present their technology or service to over 250 attendees
  • Attendees who want upscale their organization by making vital connections and expanding customer bases by capturing leads and closing deals with attendees in buying mode 
  • Attendees who want to gain real-time market insights into their products and services, strengthen their position in the industry, and showcase the results of past projects

Who should attend:
The AI in Oil and Gas Conference 2024 is a must-attend event for industry professionals. It will cover the latest developments in artificial intelligence and its applications in the sector, offering an excellent opportunity to network and learn from experts, including:

  • CTO
  • CDO
  • SVPs, VPs, Leads, Heads of
    • Artificial Intelligence  
    • Data science
    • Research and Development
    • Data governance
    • Engineering
    • Product
    • Digital
    • E&P Digital
    • Operation
    • Analytics 

Benefits of attending:

  • Explore the practical applications of artificial intelligence across the entire oil and gas value chain, from exploration and production to refining and distribution
  • Gain actionable insights that can be implemented in your organization to drive efficiency and streamline operations
  • Network with industry leaders, data scientists, engineers, and technology providers to forge valuable partnerships with like-minded professionals who share your passion and interests
  • Discover cutting-edge solutions that will provide your organization with a competitive edge
  • Learn from industry experts who have successfully implemented AI solutions and gain the knowledge necessary to replicate their success


What Past Attendees Say

I want to congratulate all people involved on the preparation for this conference. Well done! Amazing to see how the industry is embracing artificial intelligence\ machine learning and correlating similar challenges. 
Bernardo Braunstein, Performance Systems and Analytics Lead, Noble

The Machine Learning in Oil & Gas Conference was the first time you can see tangible use cases come to life with AI/ML in the Energy industry. From business value to technical implementation details, the presenters brought it all! 
Luke Fangman, Director of Data & AI, Microsoft

A high-class panel devoid of commercialism and focused at delivering value to the industry! 
Sudhir Pai, Executive Vice President/Chairman BOD, Acteon Group / Technology Collaboration Center

I found the time spent at the event to be very valuable. The opportunity to engage with the vendors and other attendees helped to spark ideas for my company, and the event’s networking app was helpful to see who else was attending and increase engagement."
Senior Director, Energy Transfer

A good window on the breadth and depth of AI initiatives going on in the industry. There's much more going on than many people think. This event demonstrated why O&G needs to be less conservative and innovate more in AI in general and ML in particular.  
Claude Baudion, Energy Domain Expert

Machine Learning in Oil and Gas really covered a well rounded 360 degree view of where ML and AI with Analytics can be applied for practical use cases.
Manoj Iragavarapu, Managing Director, V-Soft Consulting